About The FOunder

Entrepreneurial spirit leads to helping others

Brian worked for more than two decades in the construction industry.

Known for its seasonal layoffs, Brian witnessed first-hand how difficult it was for the employer to keep good employees AND how hard it was on the employees to maintain a quality of life on interrupted pay.

Brian set out to develop a way to help both the employer and the employee. Through collaboration with legal advisors, third-party administrators, and benefits brokers, he was able to create employee benefits that help employers provide meaningful, real-world applications.

¬†For the employee, it may be utilizing pre-tax dollars for co-pays or health insurance deductibles or providing the much-needed benefit of supplemental income when an employee’s earnings are affected by periods of unemployment caused by seasonal layoffs or corporate downsizing.

At its core, NeuBridg is about providing a remarkable partnership that allows employers to work in the most efficient and cost-effective manner while providing benefits to employees that bring financial stability.

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