The key to securing a steady, reliable workforce

Responsible companies offer benefits packages that bring value to their workforce.

 When you partner with NeuBridg Inc., we offer customized plans for:


Non-prevailing wage


Prevailing wage


Severance plans


Required time-off

Flexible by design, your company can customize your SUB plan to cover all or selected employees.

In turn, enrolled employees will receive supplemental unemployment benefit payments when they meet your state’s unemployment eligibility guidelines and experience a reduction in hours or loss of employment.

In other words, as long as there is money in their individual accounts, employees receive full compensation when they need it most – even when hours worked are as little as 4 hours short of a 40-hour work week.*

If your company is engaged in prevailing wage work, a SUB plan is a tax-free option for employers who contribute fringe benefit dollars directly to the plan on behalf of employees. 

If your company is engaged in non-prevailing wage work, you can offer a SUB plan as an employee benefit – and still reduce your overall cost by lowering your FICA tax responsibility.


A NeuBridg SUB plan allows you to


Reduce your FICA contributions

Dollars directed to a SUB plan are 100 percent free from employer-paid Social Security and Medicare taxes.


Save money in other ways

Contributions to a SUB plan are not factored into your worker’s compensation or general liability insurance premiums.


Enjoy turnkey administration

NeuBridg and its third-party administrator work on your behalf to expertly and accurately handle all the details and paperwork, so you don’t have to.

*Certain restrictions apply

Learn more about how you can implement a NeuBridg SUB plan to benefit your organization and its employees.