Lifestyle Savings accounts 

supporting the overall well-being of your employees

Lifestyle savings accounts ARE FULLY FUNDED BY EMPLOYERS, WHO DETERMINE THE AMOUNT TO PAY INTO THE ACCOUNT AND WHAT lifestyle benefits are covered.

Today’s employers must consider that the well-being of their employees goes beyond the workplace. Wouldn’t your employees like a ‘cash equivalent’ benefit that shows your commitment to supporting their overall personal and financial well-being?

Popular LSA Benefits include:

  • Care Services
  • Return to Office Incentive
  • Fitness
  • Pet Care
  • Well-Being
  • Convenience Services
  • Financial Services
  • Return to or Home Office Expenses
  • Personal and Professional Development

Discuss the plan benefits to find the benefit package best suited for your employees.

Employers: Making the most out of your benefit dollars.


Designed with the Department of Labor’s prevailing wage laws in mind, the NeuBridg LSA is a Lifestyle Savings Account that helps employers who perform services on public and private projects.

Benefits of the LSA include:

  • Cash deposited to a NeuBridg issued debit card.
  • Employees are 100% vested.
  • Employees can participate immediately. 
  • Contributions are irrevocably contributed for the benefit of the employee.
  • Funds are held in Trust.
  • The LSA is administered by a third-party administrator. 
  • Contributions are tax-deductible to the corporation.*
  • Provides participants pre-negotiated discounts with various vendors around the United States. 
  • LSAs help organizations retain employees.
  • Plans are customizable to meet your corporation’s needs.

Employees: Gain Valuable Benefits that enhance their well-being both personal and financial.

Lifestyle Savings Accounts are subject to typical payroll taxes. When your employer offers a NeuBridg LSA plan, your Lifestyle dollars go further. And the best part is, there is no “use-or-lose” it rule. Unused dollars in your account roll over from one year to the next.

Here’s how it works:

As soon as your employer places a contribution into your LSA account, those funds are immediately available to help pay for eligible expenses* allowed by your plan.  It’s that simple.


*Certain restrictions apply

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