Vacation & Holiday Plan

Taking Care of today’s employees

Vacation & Holiday Plan

Show your employees that you are a concerned employer.

Advantages of a Vacation & Holiday Plan

  • Easy to explain
  • Easy to administer
  • Retains valuable employees

Review the benefits of the plan to design one that is right for your company.



Get the most out of your Benefit Contributions

Designed to satisfy Davis Bacon Act prevailing wage laws, the NeuBridg Vacation & Holiday Plan is a benefit for companies providing services to both public and private entities. By the company funding the NeuBridg Vacation & Holiday Plan:

  • Employers provide employees a valued and cherished benefit.
  • Contributions are exempt from General Liability and Workers Compensation.
  • Helps retain employees.
  • Plans are customizable to meet your corporation’s needs.



Gain Valuable Benefits

When your employer offers a NeuBridg Vacation & Holiday Plan, dollars go further, because now you have them.  And the best part is, there is no “use-or-lose” it rule. Unused dollars in your account roll over from one year to the next.

Here’s how it works: As soon as your employer places funds into your Vacation & Holiday account, they’re immediately available to help pay for PTO expenses allowed by your plan:*

  • The employee, with company approval, can take paid time off
  • What’s more importantly, the employee may now have funds in their Vacation & Holiday Plan to pay for it.


*Certain restrictions apply

Find out how a Vacation & Holiday Plan can help your business retain employees