No organization likes to promote business in severe uncertain times. NeuBridg, Inc., however, does want to bring attention to our Covid-19 Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan.

If you’re contemplating ceasing operations until Covid-19 subsides with the desire to continue compensating your employees, NeuBridg, Inc. is offering an individually designed plan that may assist with that endeavor. The NeuBridg Covid-19 Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan (“SUB-19”) is designed explicitly for periods of unemployment during the Covid-19 outbreak. Developed for the short term, the SUB-19 Plan has no lengthy contractual demands, is straight forward and ready to provide your employees with a great benefit.

While it is not as meaningful as full-time employment, it assists employees when they need it the most. Furthermore, it helps companies provide meaningful benefits to their already nervous employee base.

If you are interested in learning more about the NeuBridg Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan, please contact Brian Tancos, President/NeuBridg, Inc. at 515.309.2950 ext 3.